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Artistic direction

Benoît Lagrandeur and Dany Lefrançois

The 15th biennial edition of FIAMS highlights the works of artists from 15 different countries, from as far as Africa, Asia, Europe, and from throughout the Western Hemisphere.

The diversity of the works is reflected in the various art forms explored. These include material theatre, shadow theatre and figures, object theatre, digital art, visual arts, photography, film, string puppets, glove puppets, rod puppets, body puppets—whether small, life-size or gigantic—and draw on traditional techniques and contemporary practices.

But beyond these aesthetic considerations lies the true force that drives the numerous puppet adventures: the enthusiasm with which life’s complexities and those of humans are acknowledged and addressed.

To kick off the festival, African giants will demand peace between nations, and the opening night will reveal a meeting of cultures that represent our multiethnic modern world. Spectators can choose from 150 performances of 45 different shows, which include a spotlight on France, a Catalan approach, and a window into Latin America. A number of exhibitions, entertaining activities, workshops, professional gatherings, and evening festivities are also scheduled.

Join FIAMS as we mark thirty years since our inception, and together let’s celebrate life in all its forms through the powerful lens of puppetry arts.

Benoît Lagrandeur and Dany Lefrançois
Artistic co-directors